Osia Bar & Restaurant, London

This restaurant was originally founded in London in 2003. Chef Scott Webster had conceived the name ‘Osia’ from the words ‘ocean’ — the link between Australia and Asia — and ‘Australia’, his home country, with the line running across its inscription symbolising the equator.

It was during this time in the new millennium when New World “fusion cuisine” was viewed as the future of cooking that New Castle-born Chef Scott Webster set up his first Osia restaurant in London’s trendy Haymarket. Critics in Britain hailed Chef Scott’s menu as intriguing, and already back then, his polenta crumbed foie gras was billed as impeccable, and his iconic hot chocolate soup with vanilla pepper ice cream simply sublime. Sadly, Chef Scott shut Osia, London three years later to return to Australia due to his mother’s failing health, and himself needing two hip replacements in six months.

However, Chef Scott continued to carry the spirit of Osia with him all these years, and eventually found the opportune chance to reopen the restaurant so close to his heart in Singapore. * For more information about the latest international developments of "Osia Bar & Restaurant" concepts.

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