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The Blues Kitchen opened back in October 2009. With the owner’s life-long obsession with Rhythm n Blues and hugely inspired by a trip to Hamburg late in 2005, the Blues Kitchen was a long time coming… Back in December 2005, a trip to Hamburg opened the eyes of Blues Kitchen bookings manager Liam Hart. Living in London, one becomes accustomed to DJs providing entertainment in bars and clubs but Hamburg seemed to give people so much more for their money. With most clubs offering two or maybe three live acts for the same price as one DJ in London. Live music was on the menu everywhere, something that has not differed since the early days of The Beatles taking the city by storm in the early 1960’s. It’s no coincidence that Rhythm ‘n’ Blues was the music of choice for the performers in those clubs in Hamburg. One of the most primal forms of dance music that is so infectious you would have to be glued to the floor to prevent you from tapping your foot. Rhythm ‘n’ Blues music gets in to your bones like no other music but most importantly, you need know absolutely nothing about it to understand it. It was just a matter of time until we could find the right home for the Blues Kitchen in London. When we found our home on Camden High Street, we knew instantly that is was right. With a live stage, a huge long bar and ample space for dining, we were home. The Blues Kitchen is not part of a scene or a new movement in music, it is proud to be the London home of the most timeless musical genre known to man – Rhythm n Blues. Much like those clubs in Hamburg, the Blues Kitchen welcomes people from all walks of live – whether you are 18 or 85, everyone gets ‘the blues’. In the short history of the venue we have seen performances from some world breaking artists: Seasick Steve, Billy Childish, Babyshambles & Peter Doherty, Ian Siegal, The Pretty Things, The Drums, Mystery Jets, Little Barrie, Bob Log III, Mud Morganfield, Little Victor, The Groundhogs, Son Of Dave, Big Joe Louis, Nine Below Zero, Jack Rabbit Slim and many many more….


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