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We love cocktails, especially the history of the classics; the bar has a small library of books on the subject dating back as far as the 1890s which you can browse if interested. We also love wine – our friends at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust know as much as anyone on the subject and have helped us put together what we think is a great value, pretty diverse and interesting selection of wines. Then there is beer – sometimes the only right option.

There are a huge range of different beer styles and flavours out there and we have attempted to reflect some of those on our list of bottled beers, and in the selection of our main tap suppliers the Meantime Brewery from down the road in Greenwich. And of course not all spirits need to go in cocktails – we have a selection of rum, whisk(e)y, tequila, cognac, liqueurs etc which are fantastic just served on their own.

That is pretty much what we are about. You don’t have to know the detailed history of everything you drink (though we will tell you if you have the time) but you do have to know that everything we have on our menu is the best we can find.


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