Piccadilly Institute

In the heart of Piccadilly a late night adventure is being created. It’s a place where new experiences can be found. With the unexpected, the beautiful and the bizarre at every turn. It's called Piccadilly Institute. Book now at www.piccadillyinstitute.com or just turn up and enjoy the experience. You can also follow us on Twitter: @PiccadillyIns Tel: 0207 287 8008 Gorgeous in design and twisted in personality. It’s dedicated to the principles of pleasure. There’s something for every mood, every scene, every desire, a labyrinth of rooms with six different experiences each totally unique. Noir - A room that’s dark and sensual it’s luxurious with a twisted personality. Soulful and sexy tunes, glamorous and dangerous… a fantasy boudoir deep in the West End Decadia - A room that’s full of guilty pleasures, it’s time to give into yours. Playing familiar tunes you should forget but hate to love. Serving kitsch sharing cocktails. Colourful, loud and utterly unashamed in its pursuit of a good time. Chamber - A seemingly secret bar playing retro urban beats, where the drinks smoke, spit and pop, serving scientifically enhanced cocktails. Try something new, bring friends or colleagues, perfect for a private party. Fruitbox - Look down on piccadilly from this garden chill space where you can escape from sensory stimulation and come into a world where you can relax and sip on sweet heavenly creations. Clinic - London’s loudest dance floor at Clinic.The room is buzzing with energy, the sound is loud and the energy cocktails keep you going all night long. Refresh yourself in the Dispensary bar in Clinic, take a breather from the dance floor and recharge before going back for more. Shrink - High above Piccadilly, in a space where the daring few venture is Shrink, an area that’s part professor’s office, part hospital ward. Orderlies can be found serving high end drinks and food to the insane or fabulous.


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